Friday, August 10, 2007

What I want consciously vs. my unconscious habbits

A recent horoscope suggested the following:
It's the Season of Burning, Churning Yearning. Here are three of the most important things I've ever told you about how to get what you need. (1) If you don't precisely articulate your conscious desires, your unconscious patterns will come true instead. (2) If you want your conscious desires to trump your unconscious patterns, speak or write your conscious desires every day. (3) It's better to have three huge, soaring, potent desires than 25 puny, scrabbling, half-assed desires.

To that end I will Blog Daily about what I consciously desire to counteract my unconscious patterns. First, understand that I have been aware of my unconscious patterns for the past 2 years and have been focusing and trying to change those. And what are those and why do I want to change them?

Well, I've you're like me, and most of the world, you have years and years of negative thinking or self-destructive patterns, thoughts, ideas, beliefs about ourselves... which keep us from truly having those things we consciously dream about. So my unconscious pattern is that I don't have abundance. No, not me. Others do. Lucky people. People on the other side of the tracks. People born into the right family. The right neighborhood. You know that feeling? Yeah, that's my ingrained thought. That it's not for me. Never feeling good enough around people that had money or wealth or abundance. Oddly uncomfortable.

So how do you get abundance when your unconscious pattern is to say you can't? You can't.
My conscious desires/dreams are to have money/wealth and abundance. To have my own successful business. To have freedom. Yet -- it's alluded me for most of my life. So I began the work of changing that feeling, that vibration, the unconscious pattern. How? By focusing consciously on what I want.

When I'm good at it, it works. Some times slowly, some times fast. Some times I'm confused about it and the results my thinking are having on my physical reality.

So I have made much much much headway in the past 2 years in changing my life. I am on the cusp of something incredible. I just need to keep focusing on the want.

So here is the big 3 wants.

I want to be a multi-millionaire internet business owner that has tons of money and tons of free time to help my family, loved ones, friends and those in need. I want to use this for not only personal enjoyment but to make the world a better place.

I want to have a fairy tale love romance with the most perfect woman for me

I want to have a awesome relationship with my son for the rest of my life

See you tomorrow!

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